A Welcoming Front Entry

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Before our home adddition, the front entry was ridiculously small. We had to sidle past one another at the foot of the stairs and there was no room to put on a coat or shoes, let alone having a closet.

Expanding the front entry can make a world of difference, creating much needed space. It can also be designed as a welcoming feature that is the centerpiece of your home.


Things you should include in the design of your front entry addition:

  • overhead roof, awning or canopy for weather protection
  • eye-catching front door - colorful, sidelights, transoms, carvings
  • exaggerate the scale, color, size for maximum effect
  • a style that is complementary with the architectural style of your home
  • upscale building materials
  • ornaments - such as a door knocker, address sign, potted plants
  • landscaping - plants can make your front entry spectacular
  • All of the above features can add to the curb appeal of your home.

  • sufficient space to greet guests comfortably, approx. 25 sq. ft.
  • space for either a closet (18" depth) or a shoerack and hooks
  • consider allowing space for a bench or coat rack
  • Layout

    Most front entry additions have the front door facing the street. However, sometimes it is necessary to put the front door on the side of the addition or at an angle.

    Minimum sizes for Front Entry Additions

    sketch showing options for a front entry addition to home

    The size and layout of a front entry addition should be carefully considered, as well as the trade-off between maximizing space, offsetting building costs, and obtaining additional permits such as a minor variance.

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    front entry with a full porch

    Consider adding a front porch and you will have a great outdoor space for lounging and people-watching. A porch gives a welcoming touch and can be a stand-out feature.

    attractive front entry with porch attractive front entry with porch attractive front entry with porch attractive front entry addition attractive front entry addition front entry arts and crafts style front entry cottage style